Main Goal

We aim to maximize the innovation potential of the genomics research by undertaking complementary research to address other important constraints to the development of soybean industry. The socio-economic research will identify grower information needs, research funding models, and grain transportation systems that can increase soybean adoption and drive long run soybean industry growth.


While Canada is rated highly in terms of research output, it often scores very low in terms of innovation output, with commercialization of knowledge recognized as the impediment to innovation. Although varietal improvements and disease resistance of soybean are important for adoption, effective policies and institutions are required to maximize the innovation potential.

The commercial use of genomics-derived advances in soybean genetics will ultimately determine the area of soybeans grown in Canada. Given the large area of cropland and the recent growth trends, most of the growth potential is in Western Canada. To make an adoption decision growers have to assess the information available and be confident that soybeans can profitably be incorporated to their crop rotations. Inside the farm gate, growers will need to acquire the knowledge to assess this opportunity and optimize the management of soybeans on their land within their cropping activities. Applied agronomic research and extension systems often play a critical role in the supply of this knowledge. Outside the farm gate, the access to transportation and handling systems will directly impact soybean prices, a critical driver of profitability. As evident in many other crops, long-term development will depend on the existence of crop research funding system that can sustainably fund soybean future research and development.


The following sub-objectives will be instrumental to reach the main goal.

Act.5.1 Accelerating the adoption of soybean crop production

5.1a. Identify knowledge barriers for soybean adoption 5.1b. Identify producer pathways to adoption

Act.5.2 Research Funding Systems for Sustained Development

Create knowledge that can be used by industry leaders to develop institutions that foster rapid and longer-term development of a much larger Canadian soybean industry by:

5.2a Analysis of the commercial environment of the Canadian soybean industry, including the intellectual property landscape comprising Plant Breeders Rights, patents (including off patent), hybrid systems, and the current market for soybeans including specialty traits and non-GM food markets.

5.2b Search in other jurisdictions, (US, Australia and France) and other commodities (corn, cotton, wheat) for other successful innovation systems potentially suitable for application in Canada and will document these models.

Act.5.3 Assessment of Containerized Transportation Systems

Examine the economic viability of high-throughput containerized movement of grains


1) Pathways to soybean adoption defined

2) Alternative research funding and governance models developed

3) Economic assessment of alternative container shipment systems completed