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Research Staff and Students

Mimee, Benjamin Ph.D.


Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada

Research scientist

Research interest

I received my Ph.D. in Plant Pathology from Laval University in 2008. As a research scientist in Nematology at AAFC’s Horticulture Research and Development Centre in St-Jean-sur-Richelieu, I address issues related to plant parasitic nematodes using genomics and biomolecular approaches. My lab is particularly interested by alternative methods to manage plant parasitic nematodes in horticultural crops.

430, boul. Gouin
Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Québec J3B 3E6
(579) 224-3074
  • Ph.D. Plant pathology - Laval University
  • M.Sc. Plant sciences - Université Laval

Carolane Audette - Master - Studies in progress
Subject :

Intéraction entre la pourriture phytophthoréenne (P. sojae) et le nématode à kyste du soya (Heterodera glycines)

Anne-Frédérique Gendron St-Marseille - Doctorate - Studies in progress
Subject :

Étude de la structure des populations d'Heterodera glycines des États-Unis et du Canada et analyse des gènes associés à la virulence à l'aide de techniques génomiques et transcriptomiques    

I am involved in objective 3, mainly for the development of tools to identify pathotypes of soybean cyst nematode (SCN; H. glycines) present in Canadian soybean fields in order to assist end-users in the development and selection of varieties resistant to this important pest. In the case of SCN, one major challenge resides in the ability to choose varieties with resistance to the specific pathotypes that are predominant in a given area. In the absence of information on the genetic diversity H. glycines, breeders and growers cannot make an informed decision on how to exploit genetic resistance.

I am also involved in objective 4 which aims at combining phenotyping and genotyping approaches to identify resistance genes and markers that can be used in the development and release of soybean varieties resistant to SCN in Canada. In my case, I will be in charge of phenotyping advances lines fro resistance to different population ofSCN.

  • Anne-Frédérique Gendron St-Marseille, Agriculture & Agri-Food Canada, PhD Student
  • Carolane Audette, Agriculture & Agri-Food Canada, Master Student
  • Étienne Lord, Agriculture & Agri-Food Canada, Post-Doctoral Fellow
  • Guillaume Trépanier, Agriculture & Agri-Food Canada, MSc Student
  • Pierre-Yves Véronneau, Agriculture & Agri-Food Canada, Technician

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