Soyagen Members

Gray, Richard Ph.D.


University of Saskatchewan


Research interest

Since joining the University of Saskatchewan in 1990, I have supervised the research of more than fifty motivated graduates students with diverse research interests. The research topics have ranged from international trade, land use, risk and production economics, food safety, economics of nutrition, climate change, food security GM regulation, agricultural marketing, grain transportation and various aspects of agricultural innovation. For the past decade I have focused on the economics of research, intellectual property management, and innovation systems.

  • Ph.D. Dept. of Agriculture and Resource Economics, U. of California at Berkeley
  • M.Sc. Department of Agricultural Economics, U. of Saskatchewan
  • B.S.A. (honours), Department of Agricultural Economics, U. of Saskatchewan

Devin Serfas - Master - Studies in progress
Subject :

Strategic Investment and Entry Decisions for Soybean Breeding in western Canada

Tetiana Zmazhenko - Doctorate - Studies in progress
Subject :

The role of supply-chain networks on the adoption of soybeans

I am in charge of objective 5, usually referred to as GE³LS, which aims at maximizing the innovation potential of the genomics research by undertaking complementary research to address other important constraints to the development of soybean industry. The socio-economic research will identify grower information needs, research funding models, and grain transportation systems that can increase soybean adoption and drive long run soybean industry growth.

I am also involved in bringing deliverables from objectives 1-4 to growers and the industry. I will help to accelerate adoption of soybeans in western Canada by producing and disseminating information and data through seminars, technical reports and extension materials. I will also collaborate with grower and producer associations to foster innovation and the long-run development of the Canadian soybean industry.

  • Kelsey Richardson, University of Saskatchewan, Master Student
  • Devin Serfas, University of Saskatchewan, Master Student