Membres de Soyagen

Labbé, Caroline M.Sc.

Professionnelle de recherche

Université Laval


Richard Bélanger

B.Sc. Agronomie

M.Sc. Biologie végétale

4 publications les plus récentes

  • Silicon influences the localization and expression of Phytophthora sojae effectors in interaction with soybean

  • Integrated QTL mapping, gene expression and nucleotide variation analyses to investigate complex quantitative traits: a case study with the soybean-Phytophthora sojae interaction

  • Stable predictive markers for Phytophthora sojae avirulence genes that impair infection of soybean uncovered by whole genome sequencing of 31 isolates

  • Development of a simple hydroponic assay to study vertical and horizontal resistance of soybean and pathotypes of Phytophthora sojae