Fast-GBS v2.0: an analysis toolkit for genotyping-by-sequencing data

  • Date de publication : 2020-10-20


Torkamaneh, D., Laroche, J., Belzile, F. 2020. Fast-GBS v2.0: an analysis toolkit for genotyping-by-sequencing data. Genome. 


Genotyping-by-sequencing (GBS) is a rapid, flexible, low-cost, and robust genotyping method that simultaneously discovers variants and calls genotypes within a broad range of samples. These characteristics make GBS an excellent tool for many applications and research questions from conservation biology to functional genomics in both model and non-model species. Continued improvement of GBS relies on a more comprehensive understanding of data analysis, development of fast and efficient bioinformatics pipelines, accurate missing data imputation, and active post-release support. Here, we present the second generation of Fast-GBS (v2.0) that offers several new options (e.g., processing paired-end reads and imputation of missing data) and features (e.g., summary statistics of genotypes) to improve the GBS data analysis process. The performance assessment analysis showed that Fast-GBS v2.0 outperformed other available analytical pipelines, such as GBS-SNP-CROP and Gb-eaSy. Fast-GBS v2.0 provides an analysis platform that can be run with different types of sequencing data, modest computational resources, and allows for missing-data imputation for various species in different contexts.