Soybean is a rapidly growing crop that offers many potential benefits to Canadian growers. It is a multipurpose crop whose seeds are an extremely valuable source of both protein and oil, for either humans or livestock. From an environmental point of view, it is also highly attractive, as it does not need any chemical fertilizer to provide it with nitrogen, a major plant nutrient it naturally extracts from the air with the help of friendly bacteria in the soil. Three important challenges are faced...

Soybean is the third most important field crop in Canada, generating annual revenues exceeding 2.5B$, and has shown the greatest increase over the last five years. Developing new, high-yielding soybean varieties that are adapted to the short growing seasons typical of Canadian conditions requires an in-depth understanding of the genes that control maturity in soybean. As the importance of the soybean crop has increased, so have problems due to pests of which three are currently of concern: Phytophthora root 

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During the course of this program, we will produce the following deliverables

  • A platform for rapid and low-cost genotyping;
  • Selection tools to enable breeders to more rapidly select lines with improved yield and disease resistance in short-season soybean;
  • Diagnostic tools to identify the presence and type of P. sojae and H. glycines in Canadian fields;
  • A geographic map of the distribution of P. sojae and its specific pathotypes throughout the soybean production areas in Canada; and
  • A data-informed outreach strategy to accelerate producer adoption of soybeans in western Canada.