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Objective 1. Rapid and low-cost genotyping platform
Sous-titre Objectif 1

To develop a highly affordable whole-genome genotyping platform for extensive and rapid genotyping accessible to breeders in a fee-for-service basis.

Objective 2. Selection tools for breeding of high yielding short-season soybeans
sous-titre 2

To develop and integrate into the breeding programs, the genomic tools and information databases that will allow the efficient and rapid development of early ...

Objective 3. Detect and identify P. sojae or H. glycines in fields
sous-titre 3

To develop molecular tools allowing the precise identification of races/pathotypes of P. sojae and H. glycines present in Canadian soybean fields ...

Objective 4. Selection tools for varieties with increased disease resistance
sous-titre 4

To combine phenotyping and genotyping approaches to identify resistance genes and markers that can be used in the development and release of soybean varieties ...

Objective 5. Maximising Soybean Industry development in western Canada
sous-titre 5

We aim to maximize the innovation potential of the genomics research by undertaking complementary research to address other important constraints ...